Meet Your CANS Team!

It’s been a while since many of you have seen CANS staff in-person. With the way of the world continuing remotely, we thought it would be a great time to (re)introduce CANS team to our members on the digital front! This week, get to know…

Get to Know Lori

Headline reads Meet Your CANS Team. Lori Rogers - Building Futures for Youth Lead. Start date: September 2016. Photo is a portrait of Lori smiling.


What do you like about working at CANS?

Workforce Development is a priority concern for many members; I love how my role helps young people and employers alike.

What is your favourite part of your workday?

The best part of the workday is hearing positive feedback – I love when a strategy or connection pays off!

What sets CANS apart from your past jobs?

My previous jobs have been the journey leading me to my role at CANS – from a Philosophy student without a career goal, to a waitress-turned-furniture builder, it took me years to discover the opportunities in the Construction Industry.

Some of Lori’s hobbies:

  • hiking with her two young (and active) dogs
  • movie nights (and cuddles with the above pups!)

You might have met Lori in-person at:

  • Annual De-Icers
  • Annual Spring Flings
  • Various Member Mixers
  • CANS Golf Tournaments
  • CANSTech
  • Construction Day 2020 (with purple hair at the BFY booth!)
  • If you’ve participated in any of CANS youth-focused events, then you know Lori (and if you haven’t yet… you need to talk)!

Did you Know?

In her twenties, Lori backpacked on her own around Europe for 5 months. (Plus, she’s hiked up a volcano in Costa Rica — pretty amazing!)