Are you a CANS member in need of additional meeting space? CANS Business Centre will allow you to facilitate your meeting needs. CANS Business Centre is free to use for all CANS members (see below for our booking policy).

CANS Conference Centre is available Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Book your next meeting at CANS!

Your Business Centre rental includes:

  • A space that can accommodate up to a max. of 15 people
  • Welcoming main lobby and washroom facilities
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free parking
Booking Policy

Any CANS member booking meeting space must complete a booking form. This form must be completed and submitted 60 days in advance of the requested date. Confirmation of bookings is based on availability. Please note that as a CANS member, you receive five (5) days of room rentals per year.

Click this link to download the CANS Business Centre Booking Form.

Please be advised that CANS is a peanut-free workplace. No products containing peanuts are allowed within our facility. Thank you for your cooperation.

Booking FAQs

  1. Is there Wi-Fi? Yes.
  2. Is there access to a printer? No.
  3. Is catering and/or beverages available? CANS does not provide catering and/or beverages. Catering is allowed, but it is your responsibility to organize the order. You are required to dispose of all trash.
  4. Is there a washroom facility accessible? Yes. The washrooms are located down the hall from our office, accessible through the back training door.
  5. How many people are permitted in the Business Centre? A maximum of 15 people.

Book NOW!

Click HERE to download our booking request form, then submit the completed form to our Administrative Lead, Nichole Banks

Want more information about our meeting space? Contact:

Nichole Banks
Administrative Lead
902-468-2267 ext. 702