Release: Province attracts internationally trained healthcare and construction professionals

The Province is attracting newcomers in sectors with the most need, including healthcare and the skilled trades, and investing to help them settle and stay.

News: Spring weight restrictions go into effect March 4

Spring weight restrictions will be implemented in counties throughout the Province. Some roads, including 100-series highways, are exempt from the restrictions.

News: Provincial Government launches two new initiatives to support skilled trades professionals in Nova Scotia

The Province of Nova Scotia is making it easier for people to become certified in the skilled trades sector with two new initiatives as part of the plan to grow Nova Scotia’s skilled trades workforce.

News: Nova Scotia launches new grants for tool and technology support for apprentices

The Province of Nova Scotia has recently announced that they will provide a one-time grant of up to $1,000 to purchase new tools, equipment and clothing required, as well as a technology support grant that will offer up to $900 for a computer and accessories to apprentices enrolled in training.

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