Three Ways Today’s Research Will Improve Bridges of the Future

There’s little question that the country’s infrastructure needs more investment, and its bridges are no exception. But successfully implementing the necessary monitoring, repairs and other upgrades requires more than money. The strategic application of new materials, effective construction techniques and comprehensive data capture are just a few of the tactics engineers today are using to increase […]

New Industrial Centre Rises from Construction Debris

The new, $350-million Richmond Industrial Centre, spread over 170 acres off Blundell Road, is rising up on the remains of construction debris. It was made possible through a unique arrangement with the B.C. Ministry of Environment, the City of Richmond and a development company. When built out, the city will see a once degraded site return […]

Five Futuristic Ways to Pave Roads

From cracks to potholes, there’s a lot that could go wrong with roads as time goes on. While some places are confronting these headaches by simply reverting back to gravel roads, other cities are open to trying out new ideas from scientists and engineers. And in 2017, there are a lot of those going around. Whether […]



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