REMINDER: You’re Invited to CANS Dartmouth Strategic Planning Session, Jan. 30, 2020!

On behalf of the Construction Association of Nova Scotia’s President & CEO, Duncan Williams, as well as CANS Board of Directors, we invite you to one of our strategic planning consultations throughout Nova Scotia. Join us to provide your input on topics important to your organization and the construction industry. Refreshments will be provided. 

CANSTECH Exhibitor Spotlight: Exterior Technologies Group

“I applaud the CANS team for initiating CANSTech and we are very excited to be participating Feb. 27, 2020, in Halifax, NS. I feel CANSTech is very important to the Atlantic Region because it offers a new and additional opportunity for suppliers, manufacturers and other stakeholders in the region to get in front of — not only architects but contractors, developers, owners, etc…”

CANSTECH Exhibitor Spotlight: Servant Dunbrack McKenzie & MacDonald (SDMM) Limited

“It’s crucially important to host and attend these types of events in Atlantic Canada. It’s inspiring and productive to come together as an industry and collectively “raise each others’ bars,” especially during this transitional time of digital transformation. We understand that digital transformation will result in time savings, increased quality, improved safety, greater sustainability and waste reduction. CANSTech is a venue that supports innovation that will drive economic growth and prosperity for our Region.”

STATS // Nova Scotia Interprovincial Trade (2018)

The trade data in the economic accounts represent provincial total and net expenditures in interprovincial (intP) and international (intN) markets. There are important differences in the characteristics of international and interprovincial trade. In this note, the focus is on interprovincial (intP) trade. Several components of interprovincial trade are considered separately and in combination. These include […]



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