New Hard Hat Attachment Senses when Workers Are Fatigued

A company out of Australia has been developing a smart hard hat that sensors when mental fatigue has set in. The Life Band, as the technology is known, is a headband that can be affixed to a hard hat, or worn separately, and measures the brain activity of the wearer.  The band connects wirelessly to […]

Making the Link Between Innovation and CSR

There is a large body of evidence that demonstrates companies do well by doing good. For example, attracting and retaining skilled, technologically-savvy millennials means that your company must be cooler, friendlier, and more passionate about what you do than the competition. Read more

AMIR Compactor to Disrupt Asphalt Paving

A Carleton University professor’s research indicates the design of heavy steel rollers has not been the salvation of roads, but the cause of premature cracking in asphalt pavement for well over a century. Enter the Asphalt Multi-Integrated Roller (AMIR), a different type of asphalt compactor Halim believes will revolutionize road paving and result in roads […]



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