World’s First Sideways-moving Elevator Unveiled in Germany

Standard vertical elevators have had it too good, for too long.  After the first cable dependent elevator was unveiled in 1857, not much has changed in the elevator industry.  They’re still using cable systems and still only going up and down. But not anymore.  ThyssenKrupp has officially made a multi-directional elevator a reality. Read more.

Senators Boost Northern Corridor Infrastructure Plan

A Senate committee has issued a report supporting the creation of a Northern Corridor, a multi-billion-dollar infrastructure proposal to establish a 7,000-kilometre multi-modal right-of-way across Canada’s mid north. If developed it could unlock resource wealth, transport existing products to market and create a breakthrough in living conditions and opportunities for northern First Nations people. Read more.



  • News // Infrastructure Ontario Supports New Global Construction Costs Program. Read more:
  • News // Nova Scotia Construction Labour Relations Association (CLRA) Appoints New President, Robert Shepherd:

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