On your behalf, CANS works hard to build relationships with all levels of government, ensuring we are at the table and part of the decision making process on public policy and issues that affect the construction industry.

CANS and industry stakeholders have long supported the municipal, provincial and federal governments and worked with various departments, partnering together on numerous and important issues impacting the construction industry. We are committed to ensuring that you are aware of the very collaborative working relationship we share with government.

Government and Industry Relations is a key pillar in our current Strategic Plan. As such, CANS will have been successful in this space when:

  • CANS, building on its success, continues to be recognized as the key advocacy and lobbying group for the industry.
  • Our influence is felt at all levels of government.
  • Lines of communications between government and industry are fluid, open and consistent.

CANS will achieve this goal by:

  • Identifying and advocating on issues faced by the sector.
  • Ensuring our members are engaged in our government relations activities through participation and priority setting.
  • Continuing to build collaborative partnerships to ensure success.

To learn more about specific issues we’re working on and those we’ve worked on in the past, see below for more information.