CANS Construction Workforce Summit

You’re Invited to CANS Construction Workforce Summit

CANS 2024 Construction Workforce Summit offers industry employers three informative sessions focused on supporting, developing and retaining their workforce. Attendees will enjoy a breakfast buffet and a chance to network before sitting down for insights on generational training and men’s mental health, as well as a Q&A with WCB on new policy governing gradual onset mental stress.

Event Information
Event Details

8 a.m.            Registration and Breakfast

8:30 a.m.      Opening Remarks

9 a.m.            “Generational Training: Why it Matters for Retention”

10 a.m.          Coffee Break

10:15 a.m.    “Charting New Territory: Understanding Gradual Onset Psychological Injury Policy (Q&A with WCB)”

11 a.m.           “Courageous Conversations in Construction: Navigating Mental Health & Masculinity”

12 p.m.          Event Concludes

What You’ll Learn

Session One: Generational Perspectives: Why it Matters for Retention

For the first time in history, we have every generation within our organizations making up our workforce. In this dynamic session, learn why this changes the status quo, recognize generational differences, what these differences mean for leaders — and ultimately, how to inspire and retain today’s workforce.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why understanding the values of different generations is a must for retention
  • How to speak and understand the language of all generations
  • What motivates different generations
Session Two: Charting New Territory: Understanding Gradual Onset Psychological Injury Policy (Q&A with WCB)

Starting this fall, gradual onset psychological injury will be compensable in Nova Scotia. As the first province in Atlantic Canada to have this type of workplace injury become compensable, the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) will be here to present an overview for members to learn more followed by the opportunity to ask questions.

In this session you will learn:

  • What’s covered under the new legislation, and what isn’t covered
  • What workers and employers can expect from the WCB’s service for this new type of compensable injury
  • New service approaches to support timely recovery and return to work
  • Where to find tools and resources to help create a psychologically safe workplace
Session Three: Courageous Conversations in Construction: Navigating Mental Health and Masculinity

Rates of mental illness, addiction, and suicide rates are at crisis levels for men in our communities. Nowhere are these statistics more harshly felt than in male-dominated workspaces, like the construction industry. The ripple effect contributes to alarmingly high rates of domestic violence, undiagnosed mental illness, workplace bullying and grievances. These difficult realities also negatively impact your ROI through absenteeism, workplace injury and poor retention rates.

This workshop will:

  • Encourage open and honest dialogue about the intersection of mental health and masculinity
  • Examine how societal expectations influence men’s attitudes towards seeking help and expressing vulnerability
  • Explore strategies for fostering a culture shift around mental health within traditionally male-dominated industries, especially the necessary role of leadership in promoting change
Meet Your Speakers
Session One: Linda Verlinden

Linda’s successful 25-year career has been in healthcare as a Certified Patient Advocate. Working compassionately with families, staff, and patients in mediation and conflict resolution has been her legacy. Now retired, Linda uses her broad knowledge, experience, and passion to consult and facilitate an array of educational sessions for organizations across the province.


Session Two: Karen Adams & Lynette Fenton

Karen Adams is a CEO and Board Director with international and multi-industry experience. She became the CEO of WCB Nova Scotia in August 2023. Karen has served as the CEO of numerous companies, including Fundserv Inc., Alberta Pensions Coroporation and HSBC Bank. She is a change leader, repeatedly managing large technology transfer projects and leading people through cultural change.

Lynette Fenton is WCB Nova Scotia’s Director of Psychological Injury, leading the Traumatic and Gradual Onset Psychological Injury teams. Since 2023, Lynette has guided the work of an enterprise-wide initiative to establish new approaches to serve Nova Scotians who experience psychological injuries, applying her vast experience to a new type of compensable injury, and supporting the WCB’s efforts to protect the overall health and well-being working Nova Scotians.


Session Three: Nick Cardone RCT, CCC

Nick is a mental health professional, consultant and coach who specializes in the unique mental health needs of men and boys. A large focus of this work is male-dominated workspaces, like the construction industry, where mental health statistics (including suicide rates, addictions, etc.) are at crisis levels. In these spaces, he facilitates a ‘top-down and bottom-up’ framework of shifting the tides of health and well-being through coaching, mentoring and speaking engagements.


For more information about what’s in store for CANS Construction Workforce Summit, please contact:

Kerri Miller
Program Manager, Education & Training
T: 902-468-2267 ext.712