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Representing more than 800 large and small companies across the Atlantic Region in the commercial construction industry, CANS membership can give your business that competitive advantage with our 24/7 access to plans; save on your bottom line with exclusive membership discounts; and ensure that your employees are at the top of their game through our award-winning Education and Training Development program.

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What CANS Members Are Saying

“Being part of a CANS member organization has been a great benefit to me throughout my career. When I started in the industry the Emerging Leaders events were a great way for me to meet others in the earlier stages of their careers outside of a job so that we could foster a connection, as it is always easier to call someone you have met before than to do a cold reach out.

“As I have grown the CANS training courses have kept my mind sharp by teaching me new skills, and at a discount of the non-member rate. As well, the CANS Education team helped me come up with a plan to achieve Gold Seal Certification and would suggest courses that would help me get there.

“I feel personally that CANS has helped me grow, foster connections, and become the industry member that I am today — and the industry leader I will be in the future.”

“I have known of CANS since I started at Black & McDonald as an HVAC apprentice 30 years ago. Black & McDonald are instrumental in supporting their employees’ success and development through third-party training and CANS played a huge role in my training and development throughout my tenure.

“As my career path took turns, and I moved from one role to the next, CANS was always there with courses relevant to almost any role I took on. From blueprint reading to estimating, supervisory to project management and even legal and ethics courses, they had everything imaginable to support me along the way.

“As my career turned to supervision, then a PM and now a management role, I started to learn of the networking opportunities that CANS had to offer. I have made countless contacts and developed an abundance of business relationships I never would have made if not for the CANS events I have attended over the years.

“Aside from the education & training, and networking events CANS can also save you money. The CANS Advantage program is available to all its members and their employees through partnerships with local businesses for discounts on their products and services. I personally tapped into this program and in one phone call I saved over 2k on my personal home and auto insurance.

“My most recent experience with CANS was having my application accepted to sit on the CANS board of directors. Along with the board appointment, I was asked to sit on the CANS Membership Committee which enables me to further contribute to CANS success.

“CANS has been a part of my construction journey for the last 30 years and I cannot wait to see what is next.”

“Being a CANS member has allowed me to build my professional network with contacts who are like-minded, driven individuals in all facets of the construction industry. I have built both professional and personal relationships and attended many networking events that are both interesting and fun. Through the important training opportunities and accredited courses CANS offers, I was able to receive my Gold Seal Certification, which has advanced my career.

“One of the many perks of being a CANS member is the CANS Advantage program, which saved me hundreds of dollars yearly on my home and auto insurance bills. I feel very fortunate that my employer is a long-time member of CANS.”

“As the Regional Manager for the Maritimes at Jim Pattison Lease, I can confidently say that our membership with the Construction Association of Nova Scotia (CANS) has been nothing short of transformative. The value that CANS brings to our customers in the construction industry is unparalleled, and I am thrilled to share my experiences.

“CANS has been a crucial ally in better serving our customers. The resources, insights, and industry expertise they provide have been instrumental in helping us meet and exceed our clients’ needs. The regular seminars, workshops, and training sessions have kept us updated with the latest trends and technologies, enabling us to offer innovative solutions to our customers. This partnership has undoubtedly elevated our service quality and efficiency.

“What truly sets CANS apart is the incredible emphasis they place on fostering personal friendships and networking. Through CANS, I have had the privilege of connecting with professionals who share the same passion, service. These connections have not only enriched my professional life but are also blossoming into lasting friendships. The sense of camaraderie within the CANS community is unparalleled and creates an environment where collaboration and idea-sharing flourish.

“Beyond the business aspect, CANS is deeply committed to adding value to our regional community. Their initiatives, such as community outreach programs and sustainable construction practices, align perfectly with our values at Jim Pattison Leases. Working alongside CANS has allowed us to give back to the community we operate in and make a positive impact on the lives of those around us.

“In conclusion, my journey with CANS has been incredibly rewarding. From enhancing our customer service to forging genuine connections and making a difference in our community, CANS has exceeded expectations in every aspect. As the Regional Manager for the Maritimes, I am truly grateful for the unwavering support, guidance, and camaraderie that CANS brings to our partnership. I eagerly anticipate the continued growth of this collaboration and the remarkable achievements it will undoubtedly bring in the future.”

“Having been a member of CANS for several years, the professional and personal advantages that our membership has brought to myself and our organization are immeasurable. CANS truly is the backbone of the industry regionally, with an always-expanding suite of benefits at their members’ disposal. From their regular social networking opportunities to the number of informative training sessions put on by their friendly and helpful staff throughout the year, CANS always has their collective finger on the pulse of what matters to the local industry and delivers time and time again for its members.”

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Gloria Mallard

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