Who We Are

The Construction Association of Nova Scotia (CANS) is the leading voice of the construction industry – respected by members, government, the industry and the public.

CANS represents more than 800 small and large companies throughout Atlantic Canada. Our members build, renovate and restore non-residential buildings, roads, bridges and other engineering projects.

How We Can Help

Membership with CANS will give your business a competitive advantage.

Whether you’re a full member or an associate member, we have the resources, expertise and knowledge to help save on your company’s bottom line. We offer exclusive membership discounts, great events, award-winning Industry Education and Training programs and much more.

Easy Access to Tenders

CANS helps members access more work by offering the most comprehensive projects and tendering service in Atlantic Canada. Members have 24/7 access to plans on CANSnet, where more than 6,200 projects are posted annually. With this service, you can also receive bulletins, bid results and industry trends delivered straight to your inbox.

In addition to our online services, members have full access to our Business Centre – a remote office & meeting space – in Burnside, Dartmouth.

Train & Retain your Employees

CANS’ award-winning Industry Education and Training Program provides career development opportunities for your employees. We offer more than 60 CCA Gold Seal accredited courses annually. In addition to in-person and online courses, members have access to private training, customized to suit your organizational needs.

CANS partnered with Dalhousie University to create the Executive Certificate in Construction Leadership – a program that enables high-potential candidates to develop critical leadership, attitudes, skills and competencies.

Act on your Behalf

On your behalf, CANS works with all levels of government, ensuring we are at the table and part of the decision-making process on public policy and issues facing the construction industry. Seen as subject matter experts, CANS is proactive in approach through relationship building and actively advancing the interests of members and industry at the local, provincial and federal levels.

CANS advocates and lobbies the government on your behalf on key issues that are vital to the success of the construction industry, working hard to continually improve industry standards and best practices.

Expand your Network

Expand your network by connecting with the right people. CANS hosts several events each year, creating a venue for employees of member companies to make contacts and involve themselves in the construction community. Sponsoring or advertising CANS can help your company reach your ideal target market.

From event sponsorship to print or digital advertising, we can help promote your initiatives and services that are beneficial to the construction industry. Under 40 years old? Take advantage of growth & networking opportunities through our Developing Executives Group.

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For more information about becoming a member today, contact:

Gloria Mallard
Membership Lead
902-468-2267 ext 717