Corporate Private Training

Talent development is vital to business growth and success. With the recent war on talent in the construction industry, many organizations are working hard to recruit and onboard qualified employees, but often the emphasis stops there, with many organizations disregarding the importance of developing their employees and retaining their potential.

Continue to invest in your team with CANS Education Corporate Private Training. Our team can provide customized private training solutions, tailoring any course offerings/programs (and more) to suit your organization’s needs.

The Advantages of Corporate Private Training:

  • CONVENIENCE: Training can be delivered at your place of business, eliminating the need to coordinate travel. Employees located remotely can also participate virtually through CANS Connect.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: Training be tailored or customized to meet the needs and requirements of the organization. Training can even be customized to include your business’s internal processes and documents.
  • LEARNING TRANSFER: Participants are more likely to transfer skills learned through training when they are engaged and fully participating. Employees are more likely to participate and are often more engaged when training amongst colleagues versus public.
  • COST: Customized corporate private training is typically less expensive than public training on a per employee basis.

Be a Leader in Construction Training and Development

Show your dedication to creating and supporting a skilled workforce. Join these CANS members who have maximized CANS services through Corporate Private Training:

  • Lindsay Construction 
  • rcs Construction 
  • Municipal Group of Companies
  • Duron Atlantic Limited
  • Bird Construction
  • Pomerleau
  • Iron Dog
  • Northern Contracting Limited

Private Training Feedback

Participant Feedback from Duron Atlantic (May 2021)

How will your participation in the Leadership Excellence Program make you a more effective frontline manager or supervisor?

“… brought to the surface the differences that people can have in personality, learning, reactions to different pressure etc.”

“… it gave a better understanding as to how people learn and what you can do to adapt to their needs.”

“… gave us tools that we can use to deal with different people.”

Book Your Private Training

Questions? For more information on booking private training for your company, contact:

Kerri Miller
Program Manager, Education & Training