CANS Industry Education and Training Program

CANS’ award-winning Industry Education & Training program provides valuable training opportunities for career development, skill building, and enhancement designed specifically for the construction industry. The program is delivered in a number of formats including workshops, seminars, e-learning sessions, private and custom training, and lunch and learns.

As a leader in education and training since 2005, CANS offers a comprehensive range of continuing education sessions to ensure the construction community is on top of the latest trends, technologies, legislation, regulations, and best practices in the industry. In an effort to help members become Gold Seal Certified, all of CANS education and training courses are Gold Seal accredited.


Advanced manager and superintendent

This program creates more confident, productive and effective leaders, driving teams forward towards the organization’s goals. This program also offers further study into leading people to work in an effective and efficient manner with a focus on developing strong interpersonal skills.

Business Development 

Many people within the construction industry are uneasy with the role of being responsible for growing the business and being put into a sales and customer service role. These courses offer a systematic and logical selling method designed to improve sales productivity and customer satisfaction.


Several workshops designed to help improve communication skills among different levels of employees, from administrative to superintendents learn how to effectively communicate with others and deal with negative situations.

Construction Documents

Presented jointly by Construction Specifications Canada (CSC) Atlantic Chapter and CANS, these courses  enable participants to have a better understanding of construction documentation, products, bidding procedures and contracts. It also improves construction contract administration by providing education related to the administration and enforcement of contract requirements during the construction phase of the project.

Construction Fundamentals

A number of workshops are held throughout the year to equip participants with the fundamental skills and understanding needed within the construction sector. These workshops are ideal for individuals new to the industry or those requiring a refresher.

Construction Law

A basic understanding of construction law is extremely important for individuals employed in the construction industry. All law sessions are delivered by knowledgeable lawyers in the construction sector.

Construction Management

For those making the transition into leadership roles such as Project Manager and Superintendent for the first time, this program is an opportunity to build confidence and skills to take on the management role. This program covers the fundamentals of leading and working in a team environment and assists with refining and enhancing one’s ability to manage and motivate individuals and groups.

Healthcare Construction

Construction is an industry where technologies and regulations are constantly changing, particularly in the healthcare sector. These courses plays a crucial role in providing training when health regulations are modified or there is new technology to learn.

Professional & Leadership Skills

We look to leaders to make decisions and decide the workflow in order to meet the increasing challenges at the job site. Project leaders, Site Managers and their teams are expected to achieve more individually, while being increasingly involved with their people. This program looks to ensure that leaders have full command of the necessary skills required to do the job more effectively and efficiently.

Technical Skills

In these workshops are designed to teach participants the fundamentals of various technical skills such blueprint reading and construction estimating. CANS also offeres several computer application courses, such as MS Project and various levels of Microsoft Excel to enhance your already existing knowledge and take your skills to the next level.

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Chantal Arsenault
Industry Education & Training Coordinator
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Mission Statement

CANS continuing education program strives to provide valuable opportunities through the delivery of quality courses using industry experts, while building skills directly transferable to the workplace.

Training Plans for Career Development

CANS has utilized the Gold Seal Certification syllabus and certification guide to create position descriptions for the occupations of: Project Manager, Superintendent, and Estimator.  Employers will be able to match the “knowledge base” for each to CANS courses and develop a training plan (schedule) for their employees.