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CANS Industry Education & Training Course Calendar

CANS 2018-2019 Industry Education Course Calendar is now available! View & Download the magazine version of the Industry Education Course Calendar Search Industry Education Courses online and register today Types of Courses Offered Business Development  Many people within the construction industry are uneasy with the role of being responsible for growing the business and being put into a […]

This crazy concrete ceiling could revolutionize how we build

Swiss engineers have developed a construction technique that could change how buildings are designed and built. It’s called a “Smart Slab:” A mixture of concrete, rebar, and carbon fiber that form a super-light, super-strong slab ceiling. It’s an entirely new way of building structural elements, and even at less than an inch thick and less […]

Global Hub releases new P3 management tool

The Global Infrastructure Hub has unveiled a public-private partnership (P3) management tool intended to address what the Hub has identified as a significant gap in the process — post-close management. Read more.

Why construction inadvertently became the last frontier for tech disruption

One might assume that digital disruption has infiltrated all the industries today. But it turns out that construction has some serious catching up to do. There is no shortage of business to be had. The construction industry, in fact, ranks as one of the fastest growing sectors globally. Statistics Canada reports investment in non-residential building […]

Digitizing the construction industry requires a view from the field

Construction is booming, and with growing population and increasing urbanization requiring new homes and offices to be built, industry momentum shows no signs of slowing down. Despite increasingly sophisticated structures, construction remains one of the least digitized industries. Read more.

Statistics Canada releases first results of Canada’s core public infrastructure survey

Canada’s road network, as reported by this survey, was long enough in 2016 to circle the Earth’s equator more than 19 times. Statistics Canada, in partnership with Infrastructure Canada, has launched its first-ever catalogue of the state of the nation’s infrastructure to provide statistical information on the stock, condition, performance and asset management strategies of Canada’s core public infrastructure assets. Read […]