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Denver ‘Smart’ Development Aims to Go beyond Net-Zero

Naysayers have long ridiculed solar and wind energy because the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow. For those technologies to work, they say, we would need large batteries for backup and battery technology was lagging badly. Read more.

Stanford Develops a Robot That Grows Like a Vine

Like a game Snake come to life, a new robot being developed at Stanford grows like a vine and has the ability to weave through tight spaces to provide applications from disaster relief to simplifying construction projects. Read more.

World’s First Sideways-moving Elevator Unveiled in Germany

Standard vertical elevators have had it too good, for too long.  After the first cable dependent elevator was unveiled in 1857, not much has changed in the elevator industry.  They’re still using cable systems and still only going up and down. But not anymore.  ThyssenKrupp has officially made a multi-directional elevator a reality. Read more.

Senators Boost Northern Corridor Infrastructure Plan

A Senate committee has issued a report supporting the creation of a Northern Corridor, a multi-billion-dollar infrastructure proposal to establish a 7,000-kilometre multi-modal right-of-way across Canada’s mid north. If developed it could unlock resource wealth, transport existing products to market and create a breakthrough in living conditions and opportunities for northern First Nations people. Read more.

Government Presents Construction Career Opportunities to P.E.I. Youth

Scott Murray says he wants to be a Red Seal carpenter one day and Team Construction is helping him build his dream. Murray is one of 80 young Islanders being introduced to careers in the construction industry over the next three years. The project, led by the Construction Association of P.E.I., is receiving more than […]

5 Trends Shaping the Future of Offsite Construction

The construction industry has found itself at a crossroads. While the industry has been resistant to change, the built world around it has not been — and the need for additional housing, offices, schools, hospitals and more in shorter timeframes is only growing. Read more.

Con-Tech Investors Focus on Field Productivity

With today’s construction activity at 2007 levels and with 100,000 fewer skilled workers industry-wide, more construction teams on and off the job site are turning to technology for productivity solutions. Telematics is one solution that is gaining steam in the industry, with major companies like Komatsu, Caterpillar and John Deere making investments in such technology. Read […]