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Cazza to Build World’s First 3D Printed Skyscraper

Dubai-based construction technologies firm, Cazza, has announced plans to build the world’s first 3D printed skyscraper. The firm will be able to 3D print high rises using a new construction technique called ‘crane printing’. Read more.

CCA Makes Headway on Federal Prompt Payment Initiatives

It’s been almost a year since the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) formed a joint government-industry working group to facilitate prompt payment discussions on federal construction projects. Since then the group has embarked on several initiatives, which were highlighted recently in a CCA progress report. Read more.

Reaching Net Zero Will Take A Top-to-Bottom Makeover of How Buildings Are Constructed and Operated

That’s where you’ll find Mohawk College’s Joyce Centre for Partnership & Innovation, a rare example of a net-zero energy institutional building that is currently under construction for a 2018 opening. Boasting a 500-kilowatt solar array, 24 geothermal wells and numerous efficiency features, the project will serve as a living laboratory for students to learn about sustainability, with […]

Crowdfunding the Skyscraper

The commercial real estate developer Rodrigo Niño has a problem with commercial real estate development. The immense amount of wealth it generates, he argues, falls into the hands of too few people. Read more

Company Believes Bubble Inspired Buildings Can Change the Construction Industry

Binishells are flowing, domed concrete buildings that utilize air as their formwork. Once the slab-on-grade foundation is laid, an air filled bubble, called a pneumoform, is inflated and rebar is placed around it accordingly.  Concrete is then sprayed on the form and rebar to create the exterior shell.  When hardened, the form is deflated and […]

New Hard Hat Attachment Senses when Workers Are Fatigued

A company out of Australia has been developing a smart hard hat that sensors when mental fatigue has set in. The Life Band, as the technology is known, is a headband that can be affixed to a hard hat, or worn separately, and measures the brain activity of the wearer.  The band connects wirelessly to […]