Share Your Experience with Nova Scotia Power: Take Our 6-Minute Survey

Responses are due by Thursday, July 18, 2024

CANS is surveying our members to better understand their experiences with Nova Scotia Power. For several months, we have been working closely with Nova Scotia Power to bring forward ideas and implement changes on your behalf.

Our goal is to ensure that the services you receive are reliable, efficient, and meet your expectations. To achieve this, we need your valuable feedback on various aspects of your interactions with Nova Scotia Power. Whether it’s the quality of service, responsiveness to issues, or overall customer satisfaction, your input is crucial in helping us identify areas for improvement and advocate for the changes that matter most to you.

Your participation in this survey will directly contribute to enhancing the quality of services provided by Nova Scotia Power. By sharing your experiences, you will help us highlight successful initiatives and pinpoint areas that require attention. This collaborative effort between our members and Nova Scotia Power is vital for fostering a transparent and responsive relationship.

We estimate that this survey will take less than 6 minutes to complete. Your responses will be kept confidential and will only be used to guide our ongoing efforts to improve service delivery. We appreciate your time and insight in helping us create a better experience for everyone involved.