Integrate Health and Safety Programs and Policies to Better your Workforce

Occupational health and safety professionals spend a lot of time thinking about how to keep their people healthy and safe. Yet, health and safety efforts have traditionally been separated into silos with different personnel, reporting structures and marching orders. A more effective alignment of health and safety can magnify the potentially positive impact in the workplace, and employers are beginning to do just that. Read more

Labour Force Survey – July 2015

In Nova Scotia July 2015 (seasonally-adjusted, month-over-month and year-over-year):
– Labour force increased 0.9% (+4,300) from June 2015 to 489,300 and decreased -0.7% (-3,300) over July 2014.
– Employment increased 0.7% (+3,100) from June 2015 to 449,500 and increased 0.9% (+3,800) over July 2014.
– Unemployment increased 2.8% (+1,100) from June 2015 to 39,800 and decreased 15.1% (-7,100) over July 2014.
– Unemployment rate increased 0.1 percentage points from June 2015 to 8.1%.
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8 Reasons Why the Global Construction Industry Needs to Innovate

A recent McKell Institute Report declared that firms must “innovate or perish” and that executives are faced with a fundamental choice. They can either take “the ‘low-road’ of narrow cost-cutting and an unwinnable ‘race to the bottom’ or they can take the ‘high road’ of innovation to position themselves at the top of the value chain in an increasingly knowledge-based economy. Read more

Virtual Reality Breaks into Interior Design

The Calgary-based company has developed a reputation for producing precision crafted prefabricated components for interior construction. Barrie Loberg, chief technology officer and co-founder of DIRTT, developed the company’s ICE 3D design and specification software, which allows clients to interactively explore interior design plans using the company’s building products. Read more