Follow CANS Pipeline: PL19-0494NS – Villa Acadienne

Villa Acadienne is a Home for Special Care, situated along beautiful St. Mary’s Bay in the Acadian municipality of Clare. What began as a 45 resident home in 1975 has expanded to an 86 resident home, including one respite.

CANSnet Project Preview: NS20-1627 – ROMS KAIG Spryfield Ltd

ROMS.KAIG is proposing to develop a new three‐story residential building. This project is in Spryfield, located near the corner of Herring Cove Road and Drysdale Road.

CANSnet Project Preview: Antigonish Affordable Housing 12 Unit Complex

Antigonish Affordable Housing Society (AAHS) envisions having sufficient environmentally, socially and financially sustainable, community-supported affordable housing available to residents of Antigonish Town and County who are living on low incomes.

Follow CANS Pipeline: Quest Small Options Home

JHAL Ltd is undertaking to build a new home that will be a fully accessible and sprinklered 4-bedroom adult special needs home. After a lot of work, JHAL Ltd is pleased to have the project posted for tender.  Construction is expected to begin in August with completion in 2020.

Follow CANS Pipeline: Marconi Campus Relocation Project

The vision of the Marconi Campus Relocation projects is to create a campus with a dynamic learning environment that will attract students from across the province. It will have a modern design, open spaces and state-of-the-art technology and contribute to the revitalization of the downtown.

CANSnet Project Preview – St. Mary’s Apartment Restoration Project

This historic property is located in Inverness on the west coast of Cape Breton. The building was originally St. Mary’s Hospital, spearheaded in 1920 by Stella Maris priests Rev. Alexander L. MacDonald and Rev. John B. Kyte. The hospital opened May 24, 1925, after the Sisters of St. Martha in Antigonish sent a contingent of nursing nuns, affectionately known as the Inverness Brigade. Nearly a century later, St. Mary’s holds a food bank and nine affordable apartments. Follow this Project: NS20-1168!