Honourary Life Members are individuals who, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, have distinguished themselves by service to the Association, the construction industry or the community at large and may be designated with the sanction of a special resolution of the members.

The 2016 Honourary Life Member is Merlin Fownes.

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CANS recognizes companies that have held continuous membership for more than 25 years by presenting them with the Bowman Award.

The Bowman Award is named after Earle Bowman of Fundy Construction–a past President and an Honourary Life Member of CANS. Fundy Construction (Halifax, Nova Scotia) itself has had a long tradition of involvement and support for CANS. Six individuals from the company served as president — A.S. MacMillan in 1932, G.W. Miller in 1941-43, A.E. MacMillan in 1959, Earle Bowman in 1966; Wilf Giffin in 1973 and Les White in 1983.

To see a list of part recipients check out the CANS_150_Years_of_History_Book.

2015-16 Bowman Award Recipients:

  • Acadia Roofing & Contracting Limited
  • C.R. Falkenham Backhoe Services
  • Costin Paving and Contracting Ltd.
  • Fastening House Atlantic
  • G & R Kelly Enterprises
  • J. Mason Contracting Ltd.
  • Larkin Architectural Specialty Products Limited
  • Maritime Truss Limited
  • Pinaud Drywall & Acoustical Ltd.
  • South Shore Glass Limited