What Success Looks Like

CANS will have been successful in the area of Innovation and Technology when the industry sees us as the premier provider of contracts, documentation and web-based interactive training and development. CANS infrastructure consistently meets and exceeds the needs of our members. We are providing leading services and information to our members. We are seen as the source for information by all stakeholders. We are the industry choice for online bidding,tendering and procurement.

What We’ve Accomplished

CANS set out in 2012-2013 to tackle 3 rather large initiatives, and I am happy to report we’ve successfully addressed each of them.


This is a fully integrated, high definition video conferencing and distance learning system to be used for delivering education, presentations and enabling members to use the infrastructure to connect with their branches, partners and customers anywhere in the world!

This state of the art video conferencing system includes two fully-equipped physical classrooms with a built-in document camera and connectivity for external devices. In other words, the presenter can share documents, videos, review plans, etc. all while carrying on a face-to-face, high quality virtual meeting in real time.

This project was funded through the NS Department of Labour and Advanced Education and was formally launched in a press conference with the Department in July. We’ll hear a bit more about the success of CANSConnect with the update on the Industry Training and Education Committee.


In response to member feedback requesting enhanced CANSnet services, primarily access to projects and plans and our member directory, the IT Committee began the process of developing a mobile-optimized version of the website, cans.ns.ca as well as a mobile app for accessing content relevant to CANS via Android or Apple smartphones and tablets.

While this was a more arduous process than anticipated, we have successfully received approval for our new app (for both platforms) and it is currently available for download on your mobile devices.


An Online Bidding, Tendering and Private Plans Room System has been formulated, negotiated and is ready for implementation through this Fall and Winter.

Over the past fourteen months, CANS has worked with the British Columbia Construction Association and Infinite Source to establish a partnership framework. During that time, CANS and the BCCA have been working with owners and tender calling authorities (including engaging all major provincial tender calling authorities and defence construction) to gauge interest and likelihood of an online bidding service being embraced in Nova Scotia.

The goals for the on-line system are to:

  • Substantially reduce the potential for Bidders to submit non-compliant Bids.
  • Have General Contractors receive the Bids in an efficient electronic format that allows a quicker, more reliable method of analyzing the Bids.
  • Have owners/tender calling authorities receive bids from generals and prime contractors.
  • Reduce the impact on the environment by decreasing the use of paper and the carbon footprint from vehicles used to transport Bids.
  • Encourage industry acceptance of the online system as a standard business practice.

CANS will hold exclusivity for two online bidding modules in Atlantic Canada. The first module will be trade-to-prime contractor, with rules that are similar to the old bid depository system; this module will be called BOBS Atlantic (BidCentral Online Bidding System Atlantic). The second module will include in the ability for primes to bid to owners and the hosting of private plans rooms. Both owners and primes will be able to invite as many or as few firms to bid their work. We anticipate the system being fully functional by January 30th.

Next Steps

Over the next year our committee and CANS staff will be continuing to focus on the roll out and implementation of each of these initiatives.

Over the past year we have also made over 300 enhancements to the CANSnet system and will continue to make enhancement s and improvements in the months to come. In addition, to more efficiently service our members we will be undertaking the integration of the ACCPAC and CANSnet.