What Success Looks Like

CANS will have been successful in the area of Membership Services when “membership doesn’t cost, it pays!” Membership is of the highest value to industry participants. CANS will provide an array of services and value that are unparalleled. We are the provider of choice for industry education and training, our members feel connected with the Association. CANS is utilized as the go to resource for information, services and expertise.

What We’ve Accomplished

We know that our members, and the support they give CANS each year, are what make us one of the strongest industry associations in Nova Scotia, and we know that in order to stay on top we need to ensure we are providing our members with the services and programs they need, are of the highest value, and relevance.

Throughout the past year we examined what our current member services offerings are, looked for ways to expand or improve upon the existing services and programs, and looked for opportunities to develop new programs to provide increased value to our members.


The development of a Member Engagement and Recruitment Strategy has been a big undertaking. Previously CANS has taken a relatively passive approach to member recruitment and engagement. The development of this plan will help us grow our membership base while ensuring that our existing members continue to receive the high level of service they have come to expect from CANS.


In 2012-13 CANS also launched CANS Advantage a collection of partnerships with sixteen companies to provide members with unique and exclusive offers on products and services throughout North America. As a CANS member you have access to these exclusive discounts and offers that will save you and your company time and money.


While we have made some additions to the programs and services we offer, we have also taken the time to ensure that all of our existing programs and services are meeting your needs and receiving any upgrades or improvements necessary. To that end, we have made several modifications to our online job bank, construction123.ca to make posting jobs easier and the site easier to navigate for jobseekers, as well each member of CANS receives three free postings to the site per year.

We know how important it is to have documents printed in a timely and cost effective manner, that is why we’ve made enhancements to our printing services to be more competitive and offer the best pricing to our members across the province.  Since the introduction of CANSnet in 2011 we’ve seen our website hits double to over 4 million per year and growing. With over 4.5 million hits to CANSnet this past year we’ve also undertaken a redesign of the website bringing it in line with our new brand and creating a web space that is more reflective of where our organization and industry are going.

 Next Steps

With aggressive goals to both increase our membership base by expanding into new markets and fully engage our existing members, CANS will be focusing on the implementation of the Member Engagement and Recruitment Strategy in the months to come including launching some exciting initiatives such as referral programs, a relationship management structure for staff and volunteers, and placing an increased focus on recruitment and engagement of members.