CANS 154th AGM App – How to Guide



If you own a smartphone or tablet (Apple and Android), you should download the app to your device. If you prefer to use your computer, you can access the website.

To download, you can visit the download page: or use the direct links below.


  • The Apple and Android apps store content right on your device, which means that you don’t need an Internet connection at all times for most functions. Using an iPAD? Download the app from store the same way you would when using a phone.
  • However, there are some functions that are Internet dependent like the quiz, videos and live polling.
  • In addition, it is a good idea to connect to the Internet and tap the “refresh” after you download the app to your device and once in while during the event to ensure you have the latest content.



The Association is encouraging delegates to switch from paper to electronic formats that will result in significant printing and mailing cost savings.


  • This feature holds the conference/event agenda. Choose this feature to access up to date information on the day’s sessions and events.
  • Tap the “star” next the events to add them to “favourites”. This will also add the event to your phone calendar if you give the app permission (recommended)
  • Tap the button with the day you wish to see (this is a filter … it will hide events from other days). Tap it again to turn off the filter or tab “All” to go back to the full list


  • Read about the speakers, their backgrounds and sessions while you prepare to see them in action.


  • Learn about the sponsors who are supporting your event.


  • This feature includes the GPS map to help you find the Hotel. There may also be a floor plan and meeting space map.
  • A map may also be included in the Website version but it will not have access to GPS in order to provide directions (only available on smartphones)


  • Take part in email conversations with other delegates via the app.


  • Respond to session surveys by using this feature to share your ideas and thoughts on the session you  just attended.


  • Take an interactive part in the conference by signing into your FaceBook or twitter accounts.

CANSCam (frameIt)

  • Have some fun with your colleagues and take pictures of the conference as it unfolds focusing on old and new friends and colleagues.


  • This feature allows you to register for the conference.



How do I use the filter?

Filters are used throughout the app to help find content more easily. Tapping on a filter hides content that doesn’t match. For example, filters are used in the Agenda to enable you to view events on certain days. In the document section they are used to display content associated with certain tabs.

Tapping on a filter turns it ON and tapping it again turns it OFF

Why won’t the orientation change from landscape to portrait?

Many apps in the app store do not flip to landscape mode due to the complexities associated with this function. You will note this with many popular apps such as Facebook.

However, when accessing the pages with documents, you can tap the “Open the Document” link and this will launch a PDF viewer (on Android, you may need to install a PDF viewer the first time). On most devices, you have the option to view the document in a browser such as Safari. When viewed in such a way, you can rotate the device and view the document in landscape mode.

What is the “pop-out” button on documents and how do I use it?

You may notice that your in-app or website document viewer has a pop-out icon. This launches a full-page document viewer which has a similar effect as using the “Open the Document” option. We don’t generally recommend using that option. On the website, the screen is large enough to view the document right on the page and view the notes box below it at the same time which is convenient.

How do I take Notes?

Each document page in the app has a separate notes function. The notes are associated with the page the document is on rather than the document itself. This allows the document to be updated or replaced with a newer version without losing the notes!

How can I send an email on the website?

Each note has an emailing option. This allows you to send your notes to your email account for distribution or archiving.

When and why would I use the “refresh” button?

The native apps (Apple and Android) are designed to work when offline in most cases. Once in awhile the app checks in with the server to see if there are any updates. If the phone is not connected to the Internet, the app won’t get the updates and will continue operating as is.

However, it is recommended that you connect to the Internet occasionally and hit the refresh button to force an update. If a “failed” message comes up, it means you are not connected to the Internet (or you connection is weak). You should try again when you’re connected.

When and why would I use the “share” feature?

The share function makes it easy for one user to send the link for the app to another user via twitter, Facebook or email. The sharing page also presents a QR code that a colleague can scan to access the app download page

Why do I see ads scrolling across the app?

You’ll see these on the mobile app only and not in any hard copy documentation or the binders. These are ads identifying suppliers who are a part of our Preferred Partner program and on-site exhibitor.