CCDC Documentation Updates for December 14, 2020

Effective December 14, 2020, a number of new and updated CCDC Documentation are in circulation.

Click here to download the updated CCDC 2 forms and all CCDC documentation available through CANS.

Overview of 2020 Changes


  • CCDC 2 ‘Stipulated Price Contract’
    • This new edition contains significant changes from the previous version, we will continue to sell the 2008 registration numbers and seals until the end of 2021. However, we do encourage the use and adoption of the new version, and as such we will be happy to exchange any old seals for the new ones at no cost. Click here to read a detailed overview of CCDC 2.
    • The new CCDC 41 ‘CCDC Insurance Requirements’, previously bundled with the CCDC 2, will now be available as a free download from the CCDC website.


  • CCDC 31 ‘Service Contract Between Owner and Consultant’
    • This new document is a first of its kind, as it is intended for use between project owners and their consultant (specifically, consulting engineers). This contract was adopted from the ACEC 31, at the request of ACEC. The target audience for this document is project owners and consulting engineering companies. Click here to read a detailed overview of CCDC 31.

Sample Documents


  • The previous 2008 edition of CCDC 2 will still be available until the end of 2021.
  • CANS will exchange any old CCDC 2 seals for the new 2020 seals, free of charge.

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