Construction Industry Safety Partnership


The objective of the Construction Industry Safety Partnership (CISP) is to educate and assist with preventing injury to workers.

The CISP, partnering with the Construction Association of Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Workers Compensation Board, is a volunteer working group made up of collectively chosen group members of several key stakeholder companies.

Vision / Mission / Values

• Empowering our industry to create a culture of health, safety and well-being to eliminate harm to all employees.

• To educate, influence, motivate and support industry in injury reduction through collaborative efforts.

• Sustain long term culture change.

• Help workplaces improve upon their existing health and safety programs and initiate new ones for those within our industry.

Click HERE to download the Basic Hazard Assessment form.

For more information:

Alain Lefebvre
Construction Association of Nova Scotia
Manager, Industry and Corporate Education
Phone: (902) 468-2267 ext. 712