COVID-19: CFIB national survey results from ‘Your Business and COVID-19’

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB)released its fourth update on its national online survey.  Launched on April 3, the survey now has 10,550 responses. 

  • The average cost of COVID-19 on small business so far is $214,915.
  • Results indicated that 65% of small businesses nationally pay rent. At 19%, Nova Scotia had more businesses with signed agreements with their landlord than in any other province. 
  • The provincial Rent Deferral Guarantee program received significant participation. As of the April 5 deadline, 379 landlords have registered, representing 1157 tenants. In total, $10,715,698 in rent has been deferred. 
  • Respondents to the CFIB survey were also asked how their provincial government was doing in providing support — Nova Scotia rated as tied for second in providing support for small business.  

Click here to access the latest CFIB survey results from “Your Business and COVID-19”.