COVID-19: Deadline for Small Business Impact Grant is April 25

The deadline to apply for the Small Business Impact Grant is this Saturday, April 25.

The team at Dalhousie has been working steadily to process the applications and get the money flowing to eligible businesses. To date, 700 applications have been approved for $2.2 million in grants.  Recipients should receive their grants in the next day or so.  A total of 2,400 applications have been received and the team continues to assess each of them. 

Initial application review is undertaken by MBA and advanced commerce students who are required to sign non-disclosure agreements.  They are supervised by faculty from the accounting group in the Rowe School of Business. Applications that are questionable, complex or unclear, are reviewed by faculty.

The program is available for small businesses, non-profits, and social enterprises directly ordered to close or significantly reduce their operations under the COVID-19 Public Health order. The grant is equal to 15% of sales revenue from either April 2019 or February 2020 (your choice), up to a maximum of $5,000 per business. More information on the program and eligibility is available at