CANS_CONNECTWelcome to CANS Connect. To help meet the needs of our members across the province and region, CANS has developed CANS Connect, a fully integrated, high definition video-based system to be used for delivering education, presentations and connecting members to each other and their contacts. This state of the art video system includes two fully-equipped physical classrooms and the ability to provide a dedicated connection for virtual meeting spaces simultaneously.

For example, the CANS Connect video system will allow us to hold a face to face seminar on blueprint reading here in Halifax while fully engaging members from Cape Breton to Yarmouth from their office or the jobsite. At the same time, a member can book a virtual boardroom to connect face-to-face with suppliers, clients, or job-sites in any location with an internet connection.


Most of CANS courses for the current training year are available over CANS Connect.

To visit the Training Schedule please click here.


  1. Connect using a laptop or desktop computer that has a video camera, if possible.  Some Zoom features are not accessible on tablets or cell phones.
  2. Arrive prepared to leave your video on throughout the workshop.  This will help everyone to connect and interact with you, similar to an in-person session.
  3. Maximize your bandwidth – switch off other devices that may be using wifi: tablets, cell phones, printers, smart speakers, smart TVs and gaming machines. Consider requesting colleagues or family members (if home) to disconnect.
  4. Connect with a network cable, if possible – this will give the most stable connection.
  5. Use a headset – ideally headphones and microphone. Or, the next best option is to use earphones (earbuds) with a microphone.
  6. Find a quiet, distraction free location from which to attend the workshop.
  7. Arrive 10 minutes early, in order to mingle and deal with any potential technical difficulties.


For additional information, please contact:

Wendy Winters
Education & Training Lead
902-468-2267 ext 716