First of two public reviews now underway

Public review of proposed changes to the 2015 editions of the National Building, Fire, and Plumbing Codes and the National Energy Code for Buildings to be held from October 22 to December 23, 2019

The Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC) invites your organization and its members to take part in the fall 2019 public review from October 22 to December 23, 2019.

The purpose of the public review is to provide users of the model codes and stakeholders with a detailed look at the changes being considered and to seek comments as to whether proposed changes should proceed as proposed, or be edited, revised or withdrawn. The responsible standing committee will consider each comment in its recommendations on the proposed changes. The final changes are subject to approval by the CCBFC and will be published by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) in the 2020 editions of the Codes Canada publications.

This fourth public review of the 2015 code cycle focuses on changes being proposed to the 2015 editions of the National Building Code (NBC), the National Fire Code (NFC) and the National Plumbing Codes (NPC).

A final national public review will take place in January 2020 which will include changes being proposed to the National Energy Code for Buildings, as well as changes related to accessibility, large farm buildings and updates to referenced standards.

Free electronic access to Codes!

The NRC now offers free access to the electronic formats of the National Model Codes, as well as the provincial codes published by the NRC. Paper copies of the Codes, along with other supporting documents including the Guides, are available at a reduced cost. To access the free electronic documents or to order the printed format, place your order online through the NRC Virtual Store.

The CCBFC thanks your organization and its membership for contributing to the development of Codes Canada publications.

For further information, please contact:
Anne Gribbon,
Secretary to the CCBFC