NSAA aims to Increase the number of Certified Journeypersons in Construction Finishing Trades

The Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency (NSAA) is working with industry to increase the number of certified journeypersons in construction finishing trades. Under NSAA’s Pathways Project, apprentices, including those who live in rural communities throughout Nova Scotia, will have a flexible pathway to certification using online technical training starting with the following eight Red Seal trades:

  • Cabinetmaker
  • Concrete Finisher
  • Construction Craft Worker (labourer)
  • Drywall Finisher and Plaster
  • Floorcovering Installer
  • Lather (Internal Systems Mechanic)
  • Painter & Decorator
  • Tilesetter

Online training is designed to complement the on-the-job skill development by providing the background in theory connected to each task.

Industry partners can help by challenging the certification exam and/or becoming a subject matter expert.

NSAA Waiving Red Seal exam fee until December 2024

To increase the number of journeypersons who can pass on knowledge and skills to the next generation of apprentices, there is a need for those who are experienced in the trades to become certified. Those who have significant experience in any of the trades listed above are asked to consider writing the Red Seal certification exam. The Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency is waiving the trade qualification fee and the Red Seal exam fee (approximately $850 value) until December 2024.

For information on the trade qualification process, please contact Marc.Lamarche@novascotia.ca

Becoming a Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Those who have a high level of experience in a trade listed above are also encouraged to consider become a Subject Matter Expert where they will support the development of the technical training content that will be created to support apprentices in learning the skills of the trade; whether they choose to challenge for certification or not.

For more information, please contact Emma Unsworth at emma.unsworth@novascotia.ca