Update on HRM’s Permitting, Planning, Licensing & Compliance Project: TPW Right-of Way (ROW) Permit

HRM has announced their new, online Right-of Way Permit through HRM’s Permitting, Planning, Licensing & Compliance (PPL&C) Solution will go-live on June 1, 2021.

Release 1 of the PPL&C went live in December 2020. The TPW Right-of Way Permit is a new addition to the online solution. *This new permit should not be confused with the Development – Right of Way Permit, currently online and used for right-of-way work associated to development such as new builds and renovations.*

NEW! Enhanced Services

The new solution brings with it the ability to:

• Access your account 24/7 

• Make secure online payments 

• Receive E-notifications when your permit is issued 

• Have employees submit applications on behalf of your organization 

• Know immediately if other work permits are required 

• Easily track all your permitting and building inspection activity, from initial application to completion, renewal, or expiration 

• Request inspections when you’re ready 

LEARN MORE: For more information about the latest update, read this full release from HRM.