Inclement Weather Forecast – September 22

Environment Canada has Issued An Alert for an Upcoming Weather Event 


Hurricane Fiona is expected to merge with a trough and transform into a hurricane force post tropical cyclone on Saturday. The combination of Fiona and the trough will produce very heavy rain beginning Friday afternoon with the heaviest rain overnight into Saturday. Flooding and washed out roads are likely in some areas.

Strong to severe wind gusts are expected to begin impacting the region on Friday night peaking on Saturday. Past storms of this nature have produced prolonged utility outages and structural damage. Buildings under construction will be particularly vulnerable.


Please check Environment Canada’s website for further updates.


Click here to review a briefing package on the potential impacts and risks of Hurricane Fiona.



Crane & Worksite Safety


With knowledge that construction and tower crane sites in the province come with some additional risk during these events, we urge you to be diligent to meet all safety precautions.


When your tower crane is left unattended, it must be able to turn freely in the wind and align itself with the direction the wind is blowing, thereby reducing the surface area of the structure exposed to the wind. Signage mounted anywhere on the rotating structure should be removed as it could cause interference with wind balancing. Also, any rigging, such as slings or chains, should be removed from the hook and the trolley stowed close to the tower with the block in its highest position. 


When storms happen, we often receive complaints related to construction debris. Please place and secure worksite materials and debris appropriately to make sure they do not come into motion with the impending winds to ensure safety of those at or near worksites.



Questions? Contact Safety Branch, Labour, Skills & Immigration