Notice of TANS Fuel Surcharge Changes

NOTICE  | Issued March 10, 2022 —

The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board have invoked the interrupter clause three times in the past week alone (March 2, March 5 and March 8).  The interrupter causes is used to respond to sudden and significant spikes in petroleum product prices.

To help offset the rising cost of diesel needed for Department trucking needs, Nova Scotia is temporarily increasing the fuel surcharge rate.

Effective 12:01am March 8, 2022 the Fuel Surcharge will be set at 42.0% for all TANS dispatched trucks paid by the tn/km, cm/km or hourly rate.  It is also in effect for all Contractors trucks, or Contractor designed trucks, paid by the tn/km or cm/km.

This is a temporary measure only, and any further changes to the fuel surcharge shall be reassessed and amended, if necessary, over the next couple of weeks.  At the end of March, the surcharge shall revert back to the normal rate posted on our website for April 2022.

TANS Monthly Diesel Fuel Price

Click here to see the TANS Fuel Surcharges month over month.