Occupational Health and Safety Act

Over the past decade, the construction industry in Nova Scotia has invested heavily to improve safety in the commercial industrial industry. CANS has worked closely with the Office of the Employer Advisor, industry stakeholders and the Province, holding public consultation and information sessions for members to review regulations and to discuss the impact to employers and Nova Scotia business.

Most employers in Nova Scotia operate safe workplaces. However, there are some who repeatedly break serious health and safety rules, putting Nova Scotians at risk of serious injury or death. The Occupational Health and Safety Act amendments hold those employers more accountable, and were passed by the legislature with a commitment by the Department to work with stakeholders on next steps. The amendments came into force on June 12, 2017.

The changes better define when, how, and what injuries and incidents must be reported, and give government additional tools and authority to enforce safety requirements for those who repeatedly disregard safety regulations, putting people at risk of serious injury or death.

The Occupational Health and Safety Director now has the authority to deal with repeat offenders by:

  • Issuing stop-work orders at all their sites where there is potential for serious injury or death;
  • Applying to the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia for an injunction to prohibit them from working in an industry where they have a repeated history of causing serious injuries or deaths;
  • Requiring them to advise the department of future work locations and activities so that an inspection can be conducted as needed.

Supporting Documents

Read the Province of Nova Scotia’s press release HERE.