Federal, Provincial and Territorial Ministers Take Action to Improve Skills Training and Labour Market Outcomes to Support Economic Opportunities

Labour market ministers from across Canada agreed to continue to take ambitious action to improve economic opportunities for Canadians. Read more

Dad Cheer on Daughters at Trade Competition

Many fatherly figures showed up to support 10 girls who participated in the Girls Exploring Trades and Technology (GETT) camp for girls between Grade 6 and 8 in Saskatchewan. Read more

Turning Differences into Strengths

A country’s competitiveness was traditionally based on its natural resources. But to be competitive in the 21st century, we need to focus on people and developing talent within our borders — this is particularly critical as populations age and shortages of skilled talent emerge. Read more

Radio Frequencies Keep Edmonton Workers Safe

Following a fatal incident in 2011, it took little convincing for Blair Buchholtz, Edmonton Transportation Services general supervisor of aggregate and recycling, to try out a new piece of safety technology. Read more

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