Adult Learning CANS Works Program – Earn your Grade 12 and Work Towards a Career in Construction

If you want to prepare for work in the construction industry and complete your high school diploma at the same time, you can do both with our Adult Learning CANSWorks Program at NSCC. You will be able to complete the course credits you need to earn your High School Diploma, along with the essential hands-on skills […]

Eastern Region Solid Waste Management: Quick Reference Guide for Management Guide for Construction and Demolition Debris

To go along with the Management Guide for Construction and Demolition Debris, Eastern Region Solid Waste Management recently developed a quick reference guide for C&D disposal/transfer sites within each NS Region. The main guide can be found here.

Tech start-up Converge to Bring ‘Internet of Things’ to Construction Sites

A technology start-up run by two Cambridge physics graduates is working with a major UK-based international contractor to develop a method of testing concrete strength using “Internet of Things” sensors and processing. Read more.

3D Printing Takes Shape in Construction

Not many people even raise an eyebrow at the mention of 3D printing a house or an apartment. After all, people in the construction industry know these things have been done, and that other, more ambitious projects are under way. Read more.

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