Share your job postings to connect with qualified construction professionals

A coalition of industry associations from the construction sector participated in a provincial a recruitment mission from April 21-28, 2024, to the United Kingdom and Ireland that resulted in the Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration (LSI) collecting a pool of strong construction candidates. Now, we need your help getting relevant job openings to these candidates.

Led by LSI, with five sector associations and two employers in attendance, this mission resulted in LSI gathering resumes for over 250 qualified construction professionals interested in immigrating to Canada, including carpenters, concrete form, crane operators, drywallers, and painters.

In the coming weeks, LSI will share job postings with candidates whose resumes demonstrate they have relevant construction skills and experience, and meet the criteria of the Critical Construction Worker Pilot.

To ensure LSI is sharing the most up to date information with these candidates, please upload your current job openings via the link below by Wednesday, June 12, 2024.

Once job openings have been gathered, LSI will send employers the names of the candidates who received the job openings, allowing employers to recognize motivated applicants as they apply. With the new Critical Construction Worker Pilot from the Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration, once these qualified professionals have a job offer, they can be here sooner than you think. LSI is prioritizing applications in this pilot.

  • Upload your job openings HERE by Wednesday, June 12, 2024.
  • Save the list of UK and Irish candidates LSI sends you, as these are the individuals we have met.
  • Review the resumes of applicants on the LSI list as they are immigration ready.
  • Interview candidates and make a job offer!