Impending Storm Warning, November 18-19

A strong fall storm system will bring heavy wind and rain to Nova Scotia this weekend.

Winds will gradually increase during the day on Saturday, November 18 with heavy rain reaching the province late in the day. The worst of the storm is expected Saturday night with improving conditions Sunday morning. Heavy downpours are likely in some areas. Winds are expected to be strong enough to result in some utility outages.

Please monitor Environment Canada for updates on this storm warning.

Worksite Safety

With knowledge that construction sites in the province come with some additional risk during these events, we urge you to be diligent to meet all safety precautions.

When storms happen, we often receive complaints related to construction debris. Please place and secure worksite materials and debris appropriately to make sure they do not come into motion with the impending winds to ensure safety of those at or near worksites.