Environment Canada has Issued an Alert for an Upcoming Weather Event

Environment Canada issued the following warning at 2:10 PM AST on Wednesday 09 November 2022. Please monitor Environment Canada for updates on this evolving weather event.

Tropical Storm Nicole 

Tropical Storm Nicole (near hurricane-strength at the time of this bulletin) is heading toward Florida and likely will landfall as a category-one hurricane early tomorrow. Nicole will then turn northward travelling over land (Georgia, The Carolinas) while merging with a cold front and becoming post tropical. The combined weather system is expected to track through New England early Saturday and into the Maritimes Saturday evening. Click here to see the full alert from Environment Canada.

Worksite Safety

With knowledge that construction sites in the province come with some additional risk during these events, we urge you to be diligent to meet all safety precautions.

When storms happen, we often receive complaints related to construction debris. Please place and secure worksite materials and debris appropriately to make sure they do not come into motion with the impending winds to ensure safety of those at or near worksites.