Survey On Business Conditions, Impact of COVID-19: Q3 2021

Survey Highlights —
  • Business Expectations:
    • Looking over the next 12 months, 8% of Nova Scotia business respondents felt very or somewhat optimistic about business conditions while 8.1% were not optimistic.
    • Looking over the next three months, Business profitability is expected to remain the same for 55.7% of Nova Scotia businesses, while 15.0% expect rising profitability and 23.9% expect decreasing profitability.
  • Obstacles:
    • 2% of Nova Scotia businesses report shortages of skilled labour.
      • This was more acute in construction, retail, transportation/warehousing, administrative/support, health/social and accommodation/food.
      • Across Canada, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and British Columbia businesses report greater obstacles from labour shortage.
    • 0% of Nova Scotia businesses report obstacles from recruiting skilled labour.
      • The obstacle was more sizable for construction, administrative/support and accommodation/food businesses as well as among larger Nova Scotia businesses.
      • Across Canada, recruitment of skilled labour was an obstacle for more businesses in Quebec, British Columbia and the Maritimes.
      • 2% of Nova Scotia businesses reported cash flow and debt management as an obstacle, particularly in accommodation/food, arts/recreation and construction businesses.

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