HRM’s New PPL&C Metric Measurements Requirements

HRM is moving to a new online permitting, planning, licensing and compliance solution (PPL&C solution). You can find more information about the new system on the HRM website.

Recent Highlights:

HRM is not seeking a full transition to metric drawings at this time. However, some areas where metric measurements will be required are:

  • All measurement fields in the new online application form must be entered in metric. These include area and height (for example: building footprint area and height of building)
  • All measurements captured in metric on the online application should also be noted in metric on the submitted plans. A soft conversion is recommended and notation on the plans or a cover letter is acceptable for those specific data fields found on the application.

LEARN MORE: Click here for the full memorandum provided by HRM offering clarity on the transition to metric drawings and timeline for implementation.