What Success Looks Like

CANS will have been successful in the area of Finance when we are financially sustaining our planned growth. We will have developed diversified revenue streams that respect our mandate and commitment to membership value. All activities contribute to the financial strength of the Association and our ability to meet the evolving priorities and needs of our members.

What We’ve Accomplished


Throughout the past 12 months many of the CANS committees began work on new initiatives that explored and implemented revenue generating opportunities that also bring value to membership. Whether it is construction123.ca, CANS’ online job bank where members can post jobs and advertise; the ability of members to book private training and private boardrooms as part of our Industry Education programs and CANS Connect; or our increased focus on sponsorship at our annual events, CANS has been finding new sources of revenue all while increasing our offerings and value to members.


Another goal of the Finance, Investment and Risk Management committee each year is to ensure CANS’ finance, risk management and investment strategies are generating the results needed to support our strategic growth and ensure that all activities contribute positively to CANS’ operations through growth and enhancement. Throughout 2012-13 CANS established purposed based accounts and developed a BBAR policy.

Next Steps

Over the next twelve months the Finance, Investment and Risk Management Committee will continue to work towards these goals to ensure that we are financially sustaining our planned growth.