What Success Looks Like

CANS will have been successful in the area of Industry Education and Training when industry seeks us out as the premier provider for their educational requirements. We will be recognized as the leading provider of industry education and training.

What We’ve Accomplished

For the Industry Education and Training Committee, 2012-13 was about increasing the sophistication of offerings, accessibility, availability and relevancy of the programming we offer.


One of the things we hear most frequently from our members in regards to training is that is can be difficult and costly, especially for our members who operate outside of the HRM, to physically get in to take training. So to help meet the needs of our members across the province and region, CANS undertook two initiatives to find new ways to offer programs to our members.

  • We looked to expand our training delivery methods to new locations outside of HRM and successfully offered several courses in the Valley, South Shore, and Cape Breton throughout the 2012-13 training year.
  • CANSConnect was a big undertaking for 2012-13. CANS developed CANS Connect, a fully integrated, high definition video-based system to be used for delivering education, presentations and connecting members to each other and their contacts. Though we are early in our training year, we have already had a number of members experience CANS Connect and have many more scheduled for upcoming courses.


CANS had a great training year in 2012-13, continuing to grow and introduce new course and programs to meet our member’s needs. Throughout the 2012-13 training year we offered:

  • 70 training courses were offered from over 30 instructors across the province
  • Over 800 participants
  • Offered 27 Gold Seal Certified programs
  • 18 members applied for their Gold Seal Certification
  • Over 40 members attended a “Tell Me About Gold Seal” session
  • Offered customized training to member companies

Next Steps

The 2013-14 Training Calendar is available and training for this year is underway. For this calendar training year we have increased the number of courses even more. And were successful in having an additional 34 courses become Gold Seal Accredited, now making all of our course offerings Gold Seal Certified – this is great news for member companies and employees looking to become Gold Seal Certified in the coming years.
Throughout the 2013-14 training year we’ll be continuing to focus on the accessibility, availability and relevancy of the programming we offer. We’ll be achieving this through increased promotion of CANSConnect, offering private and/or customized training to member companies, as well as looking to expand course offerings even more for the 2014-15 training year.