Benefits of Private Training

Investing in Skills Training

With the increase in skills shortages, companies are often concerned that other companies would lure newly trained employee’s away and reap the full benefits of their investment. However, an organization’s investment in an employee’s educational advancement is cited as one of the top five reasons employee’s stay loyal.

CANS is dedicated to assisting member organizations with developing their internal talent. CANS provides knowledgeable staff to help assess your internal organizational training needs and works with you to build training programs designed to achieve the specific results your organization is looking for.

CANS has the ability to create custom training sessions based on the best talent management and leadership practices that are relevant, up-to date, and developed by industry experts that specialize in adult education. The process focuses on experiential and action learning that can be practically applied to everyday work life.

Remaining Competitive – Gold Seal Certification

More frequently, CANS is seeing Gold Seal Certification as a requirement to bid on both public and private work, making it important for construction companies in Nova Scotia to enhance their innovation, productivity, and competitiveness through training. Bottom line: Gold Seal Certification, the national standard for construction management competence, is your competitive advantage, which is why all CANS Industry Education and Training courses are Gold Seal accredited.

The Return on Investment

Employee training is a great investment. Here’s why:

  • Training helps your business run better.
  • Training is a recruiting tool. Today’s workers want more than a paycheque.
  • Training promotes job satisfaction and reduced turnover.
  • Training is a retention tool, instilling loyalty and commitment from your team.
  • Training is essential for knowledge transfer. Spread knowledge around — it’s like diversifying your investments.
  • Training gives seasonal workers a reason to return.

For more information on corporate private training and funding options that will support your organization’s private, group, and individual training, please contact:

Alain Lefebvre
Manager, Industry and Corporate Education
Construction Association of Nova Scotia
(902) 468-2267 ext. 712