Building Construction – Highlights for Nova Scotia from July 2023

The following statistics were released by the Province’s The Economics and Statistics Division on September 18, 2023. For more information from this dataset, please click here.

Overall Building Construction (month over month) —


Investment in Nova Scotia building construction decreased 1.3% in July 2023 to $471.5 million.

  • Halifax monthly building construction decreased 4.1% to $217.9 million and outside of Halifax building construction was up 1.3% to $253.6 million.
  • Nationally, investment in building construction decreased 2.6% with the largest decline in Newfoundland and Labrador and the largest gain in Prince Edward Island. Seven provinces reported declines in monthly building construction.
ICI Building Construction (month over month) —

Nova Scotia’s non-residential building construction increased 4.9% to $79.7 million.

  • In Halifax, non-residential construction was up 3.1% to $50.3 million. Outside of Halifax, non-residential construction was up 8.0% to $29.4 million.
  • National non-residential building construction was up 0.5% in July 2023 with declines in six provinces. The largest increase was reported in Saskatchewan while the largest decline was reported in Prince Edward Island.