Building Futures for Youth is Back in Action for Summer 2021!

Building Futures for Youth (BFY) is back in the virtual classroom and gearing up for another summer connecting youth with careers in construction. In preparation for this summer, we’ve redesigned our website to make it even easier to find information on the program, how to become a host employer, and for students to apply! Check out BFY’s new website at

WCB Nova Scotia’s Releases Q3 2020 Report to the Community

“In a typical year, seasonal work and an increase in some industries with an outdoor focus drive higher numbers of workplace injuries in the summer months. But Q3 2020 saw a lower than typical injury rate of 1.52, and only 1,280 time-loss claims, compared to the 1,500 claims WCB Nova Scotia would typically see over the same period.” Read more.

HRM Seeking Feedback on Halifax Complete Streets Guidelines Update

Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) is asking for additional feedback on the “Part B – Standard Details” section of the updated Halifax Complete Streets Guidelines. Read more.

News – Nova Scotia adds $64.2 million to school construction, renovation projects

Nova Scotia is putting an additional $64.2 million into its five-year school capital plan. The updated 2020-2025 plan includes 23 new and ongoing school construction and renovation projects for a total value of $475.5 million. Read more.

CANS Scholarships: 2020 NSCC Student Award Recipients

With the world turned upside down this past year, these students continued to excel in their studies and achieve their goals, so we couldn’t be more pleased to share these NSCC student award profiles. Meet our 2020 award recipients!

Weather Update // CANS Office CLOSED February 2, 2021

CANS office will remain closed for the day due to inclement weather. While our physical office is closed, our CANS staff are still available to assist our members virtually.

Headline reads Meet Your CANS Team. Lori Rogers - Building Futures for Youth Lead. Start date: September 2016. Photo is a portrait of Lori smiling.

Meet Your CANS Team – Lori Rogers

Did you know? In her twenties, Lori backpacked on her own around Europe for 5 months. (Plus, she’s hiked up a volcano in Costa Rica — pretty amazing!)

Headline reads Meet Your CANS Team. Tanya Reddick - Member Services Specialist. Start date: July 2018. Photo is a selfie of Tanya smiling in the sun.

Meet Your CANS Team – Tanya Reddick

Did you know? Tanya saw the Jackson 5 perform in Michigan in 1984, and Janet Jackson perform in BC in 2017!

Notice: HRM Seeking Input from Designers of Municipal Infrastructure

HRM is updating the Halifax Complete Streets Guidelines (commonly called the “Red Book”) and is seeking input from external stakeholders, specifically, designers of municipal infrastructure. For the 2021 update, staff have been asked to incorporate changes for specific topics. These are…