CCA Election Issue: Infrastructure and Prosperity

Canada will go to the polls on October 19, 2015.

Do you know what the leaders of the major political parties think about construction-related issues? Do you know who the candidates are in your riding and whether they are up to speed on construction issues?

CCA Election Issue: Infrastructure and Prosperity

Strategic and sustainable investment in 21st Century infrastructure for Canada will be critically important to our country’s economic prosperity and social well-being.

During election 2015, it is critical that all parties make a clear, substantial and sustained commitment to infrastructure investment. Canada’s infrastructure must support the efficient transportation of goods and services to and from market, enhancing Canada`s reputation as a reliable and important global trade partner. If we succeed, our economy will continue to grow, Canadian businesses will take advantage of new global export opportunities, domestic employment will be enhanced, Canada will become more globally competitive, and therefore, a more attractive trading partner. Many economists agree, that current insufficient infrastructure capacity is already costing the Canadian economy billions of dollars in lost annual economic benefits.

To overcome these challenges, CCA recommends the adoption of six key principles to underpin a national infrastructure investment strategy:

  •     Permanent and Flexible Annual Funding
  •     Strategic and Sustained Investment Strategy
  •     Encourage Industry Innovation
  •     Embrace Partnerships with the Private Sector
  •     Accountability and Transparency

In the very near future, merely adequate infrastructure will be insufficient to allow Canada to remain globally competitive.Many of our global competitors are investing billions of dollars into their infrastructure and will soon surpass our capacity to deliver Canadian goods and services to global markets competitively and reliably.

Canada clearly needs to do more to keep pace with the infrastructure investments of our international competitors. To achieve this goal, we need to ensure that strategic and adequate investments are made to support the modernization of our trade infrastructure and that these investments provide Canadian business with the competitive edge required to access and succeed when pursuing new global trade opportunities.

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