COVID-19: COVID-19 in the Workplace

All positive cases of COVID-19 are reported to Public Health through the lab testing processes. Anyone with a confirmed case of COVID-19 will be contacted by Public Health and they will work to determine who their close contacts are. If co-workers are identified as close contacts, Public Health will follow up with those individuals, typically within 24 hours, with instructions to self isolate. All other employees should continue to practice good hand hygiene and use cough and sneeze etiquette. Physical distance of 2 metres, or six feet, must be maintained in the workplace.

There is no requirement for businesses to close if an employee has tested positive.

Businesses that are open must take the following steps to keep employees and customers healthy:

  • Maintain a two-metre, or six-foot, distance among employees and customers
  • Clean and disinfect workplaces a minimum of twice a day, or as required
  • Employees must follow proper hand-washing and other hygiene guidelines

To clean and disinfect workspaces, wash with soapy water first. Then disinfect using household cleaning products, following the directions on the label, or a solution of 1 part bleach to 9 parts water. Disinfect phones, remotes, computers, and other handheld devices with 70% alcohol or wipes.