COVID-19: Grant Thornton’s 26-Week Cash Flow Forecast Model

Grant Thornton has developed the 26-Week Cash Flow Forecast Model that can assist clients with determining their cash flow needs and support in discussions with their bank. It quickly captures a company’s current cash position and forecasts the run rate for the next 26-weeks. Of significant importance, to business owners and banks, is the model incorporates all the latest federal and provincial COVID-19 programs and can do “what-if” analysis quickly and easily. Clients can use it for bank reporting as well as internal cash flow analysis.

Some highlights:

  • Projects cash flow for 6 months on a weekly basis;
  • Models business decisions and the related impacts on cash flows (lay-offs, principal payment holidays, government support, etc.);
  • Better understanding of cash flow /operating line availability; and
  • Provides timely information to lenders

Overall, the model will help to show lenders that an owner understands their expected cash flow, the levers available to manage the business and how the business is fiscally responsible under the current circumstances.

If you could benefit from the above, please do not hesitate to forward along the contact information for the following GT team members:

Sean Stager                                      902.491.2247

Louis-Pierre Francoeur                  902.491.7546

Jillian Murray                                   902.491.7745

Kevin Fraser                                     902.491.7797