COVID-19 Update for CANS Members – May 12, 2021

The following message was sent Wednesday, May 12, 2021. We encourage CANS member firms to review the relevant recommendations and follow current public health measures. 

Restrictions – As of May 12, 2021

Familiarize yourself with border and other restrictions that came into effect on May 10.

Travel within Nova Scotia
Remain as close to your home and community as possible, unless travel is essential for work, caregiving, necessary shopping or medical appointments, including vaccination appointments. Detailed information is available online here.

Testing & Isolation Requirements
If you feel unwell, assume you have COVID-19 – book a test at a primary assessment site and isolate until you receive your test results. Those with no symptoms are strongly encouraged to use pop-up sites if they are not showing symptoms but want to be tested.

Learn more about testing and isolation requirements.

Access to Paid Sick Leave for Nova Scotians

Nova Scotians who must take time off work due to COVID-19 may now qualify for up to four paid sick days under Nova Scotia’s new COVID-19 Sick Leave Program. The $16 million program is expected to help more than 100,000 Nova Scotians. Read more.

Reminder to Industry – Do your part to slow the spread of COVID-19

While industry, for the most part, continues to follow restrictions put in place by Public Health, there are many people who believe they are invincible and think the rules don’t apply to them.

Construction remains essential, but if you don’t follow protocols and an outbreak occurs on a worksite or in one of your offices, things can change drastically for our industry. This is not the same pandemic as it was last year. This third wave is more transmissible and making people sicker, putting both our communities and healthcare system at jeopardy of overload.

Restrictions on how we work, travel, see our loved ones, and go about our daily lives will be in place much longer than they already are if we don’t follow guidance from Public Health.

It is highly recommended that you pay close attention to all requirements and restrictions, in addition to the Health Protection Act Order. Construction Safety Nova Scotia has compiled worksite tips on how to stay safe during this provincial state of emergency.

Mask Information
It is imperative that you wear a proper mask to stop the transmission of COVID-19, especially while on a worksite. A neck gator is unacceptable – you must wear a proper 3-ply mask, a mask plus a shield, or an N95, if your job permits. If you have questions, send us an email:

Vaccine Information – When it’s your turn, get vaccinated

To protect yourself from COVID-19, it is important getting vaccinated. When your age group is eligible, book the soonest appointment available.

Visit the government’s website to learn more about Nova Scotia’s COVID-19 immunization plan and vaccine rollout, including where and when to get your vaccination.

Nova Scotia Pauses Use of AstraZeneca Vaccine
Nova Scotia will pause the use of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine as the first dose effective today, May 12. Anyone who is scheduled to receive their first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine will be contacted by their clinic for a new appointment for either a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine in a timely manner. Read more here.

CANS COVID-19 Information Centre

Looking for the latest information about COVID-19? CANS has compiled the latest information and its impact on the construction industry in our CANS COVID-19 Information Centre.

Please keep us informed to help us advocate on your behalf. Email your questions to