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  • Recent News Announcements & Information

Recent News Announcements & Information

To keep you informed throughout this ongoing pandemic, CANS has compiled the latest COVID-19 information and its impact on the construction industry.

CANS COVID-19 Email Communication to CANS Members

Archived CANS COVID-19 Email Communications to CANS Members

COVID-19 Provincial Government News Updates

COVID-19 – Provincial News Releases & Information from July 2021

Archived COVID-19 Updates

Resource — COVID-19 Protocols for Office Workspaces

Ask us a Question

We know many of you have questions and concerns about the impact COVID-19 is having on your business. Please keep us informed to help us advocate on your behalf. Email your questions to

COVID-19 Testing

Everyone should get tested regularly for COVID-19. Even if you have no symptoms or only mild symptoms, you should get tested.

Book an appointment for a standard test at a primary assessment centre. Rapid testing is available without an appointment at pop-up sites for people who are 16 or older and have no symptoms.

Exposure Notices

Please review the current possible exposure notices and follow the public health direction if a notice applies to you.

  • Important CANS Updates Regarding COVID-19

CANS Office Closure & Offering of Programs and Services

Effective Wednesday, June 16, CANS members will be able to enter our front office, one person at a time. CANS has resumed offering the following in-person services in a modified format: print orders, the sale of CCDC & CCA Standard Documents, and the signing of Statutory Declarations.

*CANS Business Centre and board rooms remain closed.

Any further changes will be communicated via CANS COVID-19 Information Centre, CANS website and social media channels (Twitter & LinkedIn).

Questions about CANS Projects & Documents Services?

If you have any questions, please contact Lesley Whynot by phone 902-880-6046 or email.

  • Nova Scotia’s Reopening Plan

Nova Scotia’s COVID-19 Reopening Plan

Nova Scotia’s reopening plan takes a phased approach to safely easing restrictions. The 5-phase plan is based on the ongoing progress of provincewide vaccination rates and improvements of public health and healthcare indicators like COVID-19 activity and hospitalizations.

  • COVID-19 transmission will continue to be monitored.
  • If required, a phase may be paused to respond to trends at county or provincial levels.
  • Additional plan details will be released as each phase starts.

WE ARE CURRENTLY IN: PHASE FOUR (click here for full details on this phase).

  • Nova Scotia’s Immunization Plan

Nova Scotia’s COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout

Nova Scotia’s COVID-19 immunization plan includes 3 phases. Each phase identifies when different groups can receive the vaccine. Every person in Nova Scotia who wants the COVID-19 vaccine will receive it for free.

Want to learn more? Find more in-depth information about Nova Scotia’s immunization plan here.

Appointments and Eligibility

Most Nova Scotians will receive their vaccine by age group. When you’re eligible, you can book your appointment. All appointments need to be booked in advance.

People age 18 and older are now eligible for either a Moderna  or an AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine appointment. Each clinic has a set number of appointments available for the clinic dates.

People age 12 and older are now eligible for a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine appointment. Each clinic has a set number of appointments available for the clinic dates.

BOOK NOW: Book a COVID-19 vaccination appointment here.

Second Doses and Rescheduling

Second dose appointments are being rescheduled for an earlier date. You’ll receive an email when it’s your turn to reschedule your second dose appointment. If you didn’t provide an email when you booked your appointment, call 1-833-797-7772 to reschedule or provide your email address.

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