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CANS Education On-Demand provides members with the opportunity to learn at their own pace to accommodate busy schedules. With a selection of industry-specific content and soft skill training, you can choose from a variety of free pre-recorded webinars, sessions, or low-cost self-paced e-learning courses.

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CANS Education Webinars

Workforce Development // Building Community Connections – An introduction to the Black Business Initiative

CANS is proud to partner with the Black Business Initiative (BBI) to offer this free informational session to introduce our members to BBI’s services.

This informational session covers:

  • Services for businesses
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion consulting
  • Becoming an ally
  • Business is Jammin’, BBI’s youth charity initiative

Click HERE to watch a recording of this session with BBI. 

Return to Work / Work Safe Plans During COVID and Dealing with Work Refusals

Instructor: Amy Bradbury & William Russell – Wickwire Holm


Dealing with Work Refusals:

  • General considerations during COVID-19
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act obligations
  • General Duties and legislative regime
  • Consideration for COVID-19 era
  • Minimizing work refusals
  • Addressing work refusals
  • Working with OHS Committee

Return to Work Plans:

  • Developing a roadmap
  • Workplace policy and procedure review
  • Implementation of Work Plans
  • Involvement of Unions
  • Return to operation strategies

Click HERE to watch ‘Return to Work / Work Safe Plans During COVID and Dealing with Work Refusals‘ webinar. 

Lean Construction 101 Webinar

Instructor: James Johnston, P. Eng., CM-Lean – Quality Dynamics Inc.

Description: Construction is a challenging industry and we constantly strive to improve project outcomes. Lean Construction is a proven approach to increase productivity, reduce cost and shorten project durations. Join us for this webinar that will introduce you to Lean in Construction.

During this session we will discuss the origins of Lean, how it applies to construction and review the importance of identifying waste, controlling variation and improving workflow.

Click HERE to watch ‘Lean Construction 101’ webinar. 

Termination of Employment Webinar

Instructors: Michael Bourgeois and William Russell – Wickwire Holm


  • Reasonable Notice: Overview
  • Statutory Notice obligations: General and construction industry
  • Layoffs: General and COVID-19 related
  • Delivering the News: Termination Letter and Meeting

Click HERE to watch the ‘Termination of Employment’ webinar.

Best Practises for Procurement Contracts Webinar

Instructors: Courtney Barbour – Wickwire Holm


  • Assessment & mitigation of risk in procurement contracts
  • Under-performance from suppliers & dispute resolution
  • Authority & compliance with laws when doing business across borders

Click HERE to watch the ‘Best Practises for Procurement Contracts’ webinar.

Essential Skills for Effective Remote Communication

Instructors: Mary Jane Copps – The Phone Lady

Description: Working remotely comes with unique communication challenges. In order to stay connected, productive and engaged, you need skills that allow you to be focused and enjoying your work, while staying informed.

Whether you are connecting with colleagues by email, text, chat and/or phone, knowing what to “say” and how to say it can make the difference between chaos and misunderstandings … or clarity and teamwork.

This one-hour webinar will introduce you to today’s most important remote communication skills. They’ll help you keep yourself, and your team, in sync and inspired.

Click HERE to watch the ‘Essential Skills for Effective Remote Communication’ webinar.

Challenging the Result of Tendering Process Webinar

Instructor: Matt McEwen – Wickwire Holm

Description: In this one-hour webinar, Wickwire Holm will present what the process looks like, what avenues are available to challenge results, and what to consider in deciding to challenge.


  • How fair does the selection process have to be?
  • What do you do if you think a tendering process has been done unfairly?
  • Steps to take in private procurement vs public procurement.

Click HERE to watch the ‘Challenging the Result of Tendering Process‘ webinar.

Guiding businesses through COVID-19


  • Duane Saulnier, Partner, Grant Thornton – Assurance and Nova Scotia Leader Construction and Real Estate
  • Jillian Murray, Partner, Grant Thornton – Advisory and Nova Scotia Leader, Transactions
  • Keith MacIntyre, Partner, Grant Thornton – Taxation

Description: At the pace of change coming about from the COVID-19 crisis, businesses have to understand their current reality to address the options and opportunities to make informed decisions and adapt appropriately.


  • Impacts of cash flow – business planning/reporting
  • Government support and incentive programs (including new CRA deadlines)
  • Credit options from various lenders

Click HERE to watch the ‘Guiding businesses through COVID-19‘ webinar.

Force Majeure Clauses and Occupational Health and Safety: Coping with COVID-19 in the Construction Sector

Instructors: Melanie Gillis & Michael Murphy – McInnes Cooper

Description: In coping with COVID-19 in the construction sector, there are two areas of law that are important to understand: force majeure clauses, and occupational health and safety requirements. This webinar will take you through the nuts and bolts of each of these legal topics.

  • General principles of force majeure clauses
  • Force majeure provisions under CCDC standard form contracts
  • Treatment of force majeure clauses in the construction case law
  • Current roadblocks to performance in light of COVID-19
  • A how-to guide for navigating your contract’s force majeure clause
  • Occupational health and safety issues as they pertain to construction companies and jobsites.

Click HERE to watch the ‘Force Majeure Clauses and Occupational Health and Safety: Coping with COVID-19 in the Construction Sector‘ webinar.

Supercharge Revenue Generation Through Your Technicians

Instructor: Jim Baston, BBA Consulting Group Inc.

Description: Technicians are in a unique position to recognize revenue building opportunities.  They understand the technology, have knowledge of systems they are servicing and have an insight into the customer’s goals and challenges.  And, of course, they have direct access to the decision maker or their influencers.  Who is better within our organizations to uncover opportunities to help our customers achieve their business goals?

And yet, for many organizations, getting techs enthusiastically engaged in business development is a challenge.  In this webinar, we will look at the specific actions that a service organization committed to enhancing the value of their service offering can take to improve technician revenue generation effectiveness.  For example, we will consider how our perception of the tech’s role can enhance or detract from their efforts.  We will look at why our processes and systems may be holding us back.  And, we will reflect on how we can ensure our techs have the knowledge and skills to be successful.

At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will have the steps they can implement to fully engage their technicians to supercharge their revenue generation efforts.


  • Creating a competitive advantage through proactive recommendations technicians
  • Defining the technician’s role
  • Identifying and addressing the hurdles to success

Note: **Registrants of this webinar can purchase Jim Baston’s book, “Beyond Great Service: A Technicians’ Role in Proactive Business Growth” for a discounted price of $10.00.

Click HERE to watch ‘Supercharge Revenue Generation Through Your Technicians’ webinar.

Using MS Outlook – Tips and Tools

Instructor: Lisa LeBlanc – CNCT & Associates

Description: This webinar will review tools that will help you navigate MS Outlook more effectively.


  • Efficiency
  • Time management
  • Utilizing ribbon commands
  • Email options
  • Time stealers- disorganization/sorting/searching
  • Discuss deleting deleted items and sent items during your regular work flow
  • Add appt and discuss ribbon commands
  • Meeting requests
  • Opening some else’s calendar/calendar groups
  • Dropping items into calendar
  • Delegating/assigning

Click HERE to watch ‘Using MS Outlook – Tips and Tools’ webinar. 

CANSTech 2020 Sessions

CANSTech 2020
united exhibitors, sponsors and world-class speakers to showcase new technologies, upcoming trends and innovative products all under one roof.

Attendees heard world-class Keynote Speaker, David Coletto, CEO of Abacus Data, speak about “What generational change means for the workplace and the future of leadership”, then lead a panel on the same topic. Panelists included Paul Stewart, Pomerleau, Kristina Kaiser, Colliers Project Leaders, and Mike Castellani, Able Electric.

Jonathan Marsh, CEO and Construction Technologist at Steel Toe Consulting, presented “A 360-degree look at BIM”, followed by “Why It’s Time to Embrace Technology, Offsite Construction and Lean Methodology”.

KEYNOTE: “What generational change means for the workplace and the future of leadership”

Speaker: David Coletto, Abacus Data

Description: There are powerful new forces at work in the modern workplace, a dynamic driven by the intersection of disruptive technology and a new generation of employees who were raised differently, have different values and different expectations. Managing this change and embracing not just about survival, but what will make the difference between firms that excel and those that struggle.

In this an engaging, data-filled presentation, David argues that a generational lens is needed by all firms large or small, who are seeking to understand the dynamics at work in the market.

CANS Members, gain exclusive access to David Coletto’s Keynote Presentation here. (login required)

PANEL: “What generational change means for the workplace and the future of leadership”

Speaker: David Coletto, Abacus Data


  • Kristina Kaiser, Colliers Project Leaders
  • Mike Castellani, Able Electric
  • Paul Stewart, Pomerleau

Description: Following his keynote presentation on what generational change means for the workplace, David continued the discussion in a dynamic industry panel, featuring local players from across the generational divide.

Watch this panel discussion from our CANSTech 2020 keynote.

SESSION: “A 360 degree look at BIM”

Speaker: Jonathan Marsh, Steel Toe Consulting LLC

Description: Working within building information modelling (BIM) software is exciting and challenging for most construction companies. It’s easy to pick a software, jump in, and start modelling, but it’s important to take the time to plan the right BIM workflow for your business. This presentation discusses the fundamental steps from estimating, pre-construction, detailing, all the way through the fab shop to ensure a successful implementation of BIM.

Watch this presentation on BIM from CANSTech 2020.

SESSION: “Why It’s Time to Embrace Technology, Offsite Construction and Lean Methodology”

Speaker: Jonathan Marsh, Steel Toe Consulting LLC

Description: Offsite construction is the future of construction. In this presentation, Jonathan discusses the benefits and challenges our industry is facing adopting offsite construction methods. This presentation also reviews common terminology and practical applications when it comes to kitting, prefab and modular construction and the roles we all play in this not so new concept.

Watch this presentation on offsite construction from CANSTech 2020.