Gold Seal Designated Project / Marco / The Halifax Common Aquatic Facility

Interview with Alexander Linero, GSC Project Manager, Marco

What is your current role on the Halifax Common Aquatic Facility project?
  I’ve been assisting the Project Manager and Site Superintendent with outsourcing of materials, equipment, and the advancing of purchase orders, LOIs, and contracts.

What motivated you to pursue your Gold Seal Certification?  I’ve always been interested in staying current with industry standards and maintaining the highest level of certification possible in my position.  The GS Certification seemed like the obvious path to ensure my skills continued to satisfy industry requirements while allowing me to showcase my qualifications to our clients.

How did Marco support and encourage you to earn your Gold Seal Certification?  Marco management encouraged it from day one and have been there every step of the way to help remove any obstacles.  Marco prides itself on having GSC project leaders and their commitment to my success was made getting certified a very smooth process.

How important do you feel ongoing education is for construction management professionals such as yourself?  I think continuing education is an important key to success. The current market is forcing the industry to change and adapt to meet its demands.  Experience is one component of adaptation,  but education allows you to target those specific areas where you may be weak.

Do you have any advice for someone considering obtaining their Gold Seal Certification? Go for it! Achieving certification will open doors for you, boost your confidence, and drive clients to your business as they look for service excellence.

A photo of Alex Linero, GSC project manager at Marco.

Alexander Linero, GSC Project Manager, Marco