Gold Seal Designated Project / rcs / New Ronald McDonald House

rcs construction has been recognized as a Gold Seal Employer of Choice, representing their commitment to excellence in the management of construction. 

Gold Seal Employers are construction companies that employ Gold Seal Certified professionals. This unique opportunity allows organizations to extend their credibility for actively hiring and supporting professionals who strive for excellence in the management of construction.

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Interview with Andrew Doucet, Director of Construction, rcs construction

What does it mean to rcs to be recognized as a Gold Seal Employer?

We consider this to be a significant milestone in rcs’ 25+ year history! We believe the ‘Gold Seal’ certification to be a top-tier qualification, so being able to extend that beyond our people and become a Gold Seal Employer has been a considerable achievement, and we will strive to embody and continue showing that we deserve this qualification moving forward into the future as well.

How many people on your team are Gold Seal Certified?

Currently, at rcs construction and across all our regional offices and sites in Atlantic Canada, we have approximately 18 employees who are Gold Seal Certified and many others who are in the process of being certified.

Why is enhanced education/development so important to rcs?

At rcs construction, we encourage and foster a culture of constant growth and development with all our staff across the Atlantic Provinces and recognize ‘Gold Seal’ as a top-tier qualification. We promote further and enhanced education in all shapes and forms, from courses/certifications to attending conferences on trending and industry-leading topics. Given our recent and projected growth trajectory and based on our policies and culture, the sky is the limit here at rcs, and as an employer, we will give you all the tools you need to get there!

rcs was awarded the contract to build The New Ronald McDonald House in Halifax. How important is it to your team to be dedicated to the communities you build and live in?

rcs is all about supporting local and building landmark projects that help better serve our communities. We believe that all projects we partner on align with our mission and further our vision of striving to be the best contractor, a place to work, and a choice for our client’s business. While we believe this to be the case for all our projects, we often see the opportunity to connect with particular people/groups looking to do something extraordinary to serve the community better. The New Ronald McDonald House is a perfect example of such a project, and we are proud and absolutely thrilled to be a part of this.

A photo from the official ground breaking ceremony for the New Ronald McDonald House project.

From left to right:

  • Chris Baldwin, Chief Financial Officer, rcs construction
  • Andrew Doucet, Director of Construction, rcs construction
  • Alison Cogdon, Director of Programs and Operations, Ronald McDonald House Canada
  • Andrew McCullogh – Chair, Board of Directors, Ronald McDonald House Canada
  • Lori Barker, Chief Executive Officer, Ronald McDonald House Canada
  • Matthew Campbell, Vice-Chair, Board of Directors, Ronald McDonald House Canada
  • Brendan Nobes, Director of Major Projects, rcs construction